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                                                      This is my parent’s newest dog, Owen.


 My dad found this little dog in the middle of a national forest, his coat burned and a probable (small) hip fracture. This dog likes to sleep under the covers and the most annoying thing he does is lick people’s noses. We can’t quite figure out how anybody could dump and/or beat him.

Owen lives a pretty good life now. He has 2 cats and another dog to play with. He gets to sleep under the covers. I just saw him yesterday and he got to thoroughly lick my nose (inside and out). He is doted on like nobody’s business.

I don’t understand when people treat dogs like something less than a living thing. How is it even close to okay to get rid of a dog by burying it alive in your backyard (http://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory?id=2799337&CMP=OTC-RSSFeeds0312)? I know that I go to the other extreme, my dogs are treated like little people, but better than little people. I know that dogs are not people but I’m a little perplexed as to why some people think this means that they shouldn’t be treated as good as (if not better than) people.

This is what happens when I spend the morning playing with the doggies.

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Howard the Duck

I just wanted to remind everyone of that movie. Howard the Duck. Just think on that.

 It was brought to my attention today that I haven’t posted in a good long while so I thought I’d drop in and say hi. I’ve been worrying a lot about various things lately and, as I do, have been napping a lot as a way to avoid thinking about any of it. Its a very restful avoidance mechanism. But I’m working on kicking that worry to the proverbial curb.

I want to weigh in on this Armed and Famous celebrity/cop thing. I think it might be good. I mean, its probably totally just creative editing but the commercials make it look like these celebrities might be getting something out of the whole thing. The five minutes that I have watched showed LaToya Jackson actually doing a decent job. Could it be that she is good for something besides letting really bad plastic surgeons practice on her?

That’s about as deep as this lady is getting.

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This is why the internet is such an amazing and potentially crappy thing: I used my computer to sign on and make a payment on Chad’s credit card yesterday and this morning, like magic, there appeared in my email inbox a message from The Credit Card asking me to confirm all sorts of wonderful information for them so that they could serve me, their loyal customer, better.

Of course, I’m not their loyal customer (Chad is) and the real credit card company would know that quite well so it was immediately apparent that there were little phishers at work trying desperately to trick me out of information that I don’t even have. They asked me all sorts of questions, including the password to the account. They went so far as to suggest that I develop and type in an alternative password to keep on record just in case the first password was unable to perform its duties and the runner up would have to step in and take over. They were even kind enough to help me develop this alternative password by suggesting that it would help me keep things straight (always thinking of me!) by making this new password the same as the password to my email. Isn’t that nice of them?  The wording of this suggestion was such that you could tell the phishers were all sucking in their breath and holding it to see if I was going to fall for such an idiotic and transparent lie.

Of course, I forwarded this on to the credit card company (the real one) so that they could see how well these total crap heads can mimic the company’s fonts and website layout in the pursuit of scamming customers out of all sorts of info. Its really, very nice, convincing work. I imagine the people behind these scams could probably make quite a living doing something, oh I don’t know, legitimate and legal. I’m sure legitimate and legal doesn’t pay as much as scamming, but I would think its really hard for these people to explain what they do for a living at family reunions and to new people they are dating.

So I would like to wish these tricky little internet thieves and all those who choose to prey on others as a means to make their living a Happy New Year, hopefully full of arrest warrants and prison time!

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