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1. I called in sick to work today for a variety of reasons. I let my boss know via email and I know she got it because she emailed me back. So why in the world did a coworker hunt down my cell phone number to call me at 2pm to ask why I wasn’t in today? Apparently, even though I am in no way answerable to this person, this person felt it was just totally their business to find out why I wasn’t at work. I don’t know, I guess maybe they were worried I was dead even though I have to say that I notice all the time that coworkers aren’t at work and I never assume that they’ve met their end. I think that’s kind of morbid. No, this person wasn’t worried about me. This person, this person who is not my biggest fan, most likely wanted to make a big deal out of the fact that Kate? Kate was not at work while this other person was most certainly at work and wouldn’t we all agree that means this other person is better than Kate and that maybe Kate should find someone else to work. Grrrr…I hate it when you call in to work and then spend half the day worrying about work. Anyway.

2. I had some tests run at the doctor’s office today and yesterday and my results from yesterday were supposed to be ready by 11am. When I hadn’t heard anything by 4pm, I called and spoke with a young gentleman who sounded like I was beign totally unreasonable by wanting to know if my results were in a full 5 hours after I was promised them. After a lot of sighing he said he couldn’t find them and that he’d have to have someone call me back. I asked if I would hear something today and he said, “You know a lot of people have called before you. You are at the bottom of the list.”. I guess its good to know where I stand.

But the rest of the day has been pretty good!

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Everyone should watch the movie Flushed Away if for no other reason than to see the singing slugs. Or you can just watch them here!  

 But really, the movie is cute and you should watch it anyway. I love how sad the slug is that he can’t high-five.

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Trying not to look

I’m trying to keep myself from checking my blog stats whenever I stop by. I have no right to expect that anyone has been coming to my blog to see when I have been failing so miserably at writing much of anything at all. Still, in my heart of hearts, I like to daydream that there are those people who obssesively check my blog in the manner that I check other blogs.

 Today is the Sunday of all Sundays, at least if you consider Sunday as the day where you have to get all that crap done for the coming week that you didn’t bother to do on Saturday because you were to lazy and in fact the couch has broken down into a butt-shaped well and its actually really hard to get up off the couch even if I wanted to. I finished 1 paper, read 4 articles and submitted 1 homework assignment, cleaned 1/2 apartment (Chad cleaned the other 1/2), returned 1 punch bowl and 1 coffee urn borrowed for office party, dropped off 3 bags of stuff to Goodwill, picked up 2 travel books (very thrifty – borrowing them instead of buying them), and spent $60 at Target on stuff I did not go for while getting 0 of the things I did go for. Very good Sunday all around. Oooo! And I ate beef jerkey.

Chad and I are planning a trip in April to see my big bro’ in Seattle. We want it to be a vacation, not a family visit, so we are forgoing free board and staying in a hotel. I think that might mean that I am a little more grown up. I’m willing to spend the money for the hotel in order to not have to sleep on a futon, which I think I’m going to try to avoid for the rest of my life. We are planning on eating our way from neighborhood to neighborhood and you will be sure to see me on the news as the world’s new, fattest woman afterwards. I’ll wash myself with a rag on a stick.

 That’s from the Simpsons.

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I’ve not been a constant blogger by any means in the last month or two. Lots has been going on in life but most of it is well, kind of emotional, and none of it has been the kind of thing that inspires blog entries so I’ve been avoiding the blogging thing altogether. But I have some time today (the five or so inches of snow ice on the front step told me to stay home this morning) so I thought I could at least make you all a list of the things that are keeping me from you.

1) Debt. Not new debt, but old debt. We’re trying to deal with my old debt and trying to deal with debt will suck the life out of you in 2 seconds flat. I often have to nap after we talk about our next step in eliminating our debt. We’re actually doing really well, though. Its just that we have a few of the uh stickier problems left to deal with.

2) Babies. We’d like one. We went all guns a firin’ off into the adoption sunset for about a month and a half, only to to be smacked in the face with the fact that adoption? is not simply a way to help a woman in need and give a child a home and make a family. There’s a lot going on there, much of it highly controversial and emotional. Quite obviously, the majority of us see adoption as a win-win-win situation, or even a socially responsible way to make a family, but that’s the adoptive family perspective and there are a lot of other perspectives that don’t get as much air time. We haven’t nixed the idea of adoption, but we’ve had to rethink some things and stuff. I don’t want to get into the specific thoughts and feelings that we are going through because, if I’ve learned nothing else in all this, I’ve learned that building families through adoption or fertility treatment or magic beans is a very personal endeavor and it so very easy to step on toes. We’re continuing to try to make the baby ourselves and we’ll see how that goes.

3) School. Yeah, school. But that’s nothing new.

4) Work. We moved to a new building recently and I am suddenly thrown in close proximity with all my coworkers (I had been in an office on a different floor from everyone else before) and the last month has been a lot like starting a new job. I’m learning how to navigate the coworkers and, now that I’m visibly present to my superiors, we’ve been focusing a lot on my projects. I’m still learning a lot of ropes but things are going well and I’m excited that its picked up. Before the move I had basically done 3 months of data entry.

5) One glorious night of drunken craziness. Okay, compared to other drunken nights in my life, this particular night was tamer than a…uh…tame dog (my analogies are a little rusty, huh?). Chad and I went out to dinner and then saw The Cat Empire in concert – which was awesome but also a little disappointing. They are an amazing band, but they are in many ways a stoner band. That means that they are…a jam band. They played for two hours and covered about 4 songs. I don’t know why, but I am just not at all about that. But still, they were very fun and out of the group of young Australian men next to us, one made a joke about punching me in the face if I elbowed him on accident and another grabbed my boob but all of it was kept fairly in check as I have a 6’5″ husband who shaves his head and can look awfully menacing when he chooses. In short, I got very drunk and I’m pretty sure I talked to some strangers and probably didn’t make a whole lot of sense.

 So I think that’s about it. Yes? Yes.

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