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Just 3 months ago Chad was at work, at school, at clinicals but he was very rarely at home. He would leave before I got up and be home after I went to bed. We had, tops, one day a week where neither of us had to be somewhere else. Now he’s only working 3 shifts a week and I’ve gotten so used to his bald head being around that when he’s gone I mi-hi-hi-his him. Well – its not so much that I miss him. I’m bored. He provides distraction and entertainment, what with his funny bald head and all!

 So here I am on a Friday night watching reruns of certain hour long medical television shows googling how to properly dispose of finger nail polish. I am so exciting.

Googling is officially a verb now, right?

Ho-hum. I painted my toenails! That’s something.

I’ll stop boring you.

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And in case any of you were wondering, there was no post-St. Patricks Day puking as the beer drinking turned out to be minimal. The eating of baked penne, however, was not minimal and very yummy (and decidedly not Irish in nature). The lesson we learned on this St. Patricks Day – Italian restaurants will not be nearly as busy as Irish bars.

We are geniuses!

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I know I’ve been posting a lot of videos lately, and that may be a blogging cop out.  I don’t know. I do know that you all need to listen to Regina Spektor because she’s a great artist. The video below is for her song Samson from her latest album, and its one of her more…normal songs. All her songs are beautiful, some of them more surprising than others. She’s kind of a Russian Tori Amos. You listen and see.

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This is what a week with out a working modem looks like. It seems that last Saturday, the cable guy came to hook somebody’s cable up and courteously unplugged ours. We’ve had the cable company out twice to try to fix it, but its been one of those weeks and we didn’t regain service till today. A cable guy came out this morning at 8 am and he seemed a little disgusted that I came to the door in my pajamas. He may be used to more formal receptions on his other calls, but we don’t stand on ceremony (unless its a pajama ceremony).

 So we have our modem back for the first time in a week and I think you’d all find it very romantic to see Chad and I sitting side by side, headphones on, totally engrossed in catching up on all the web surfing we had the gaul to say we “didn’t really miss that much” earlier in the week.

In honor of St. Patrick’s day, Chad is drinking beer while going about his usual activities and everything he does is Beer <<Insert Activity Here>>. Earlier he took a Beer Shower. Now he is Beer Surfing. It would seem that our house believes that after St. Patty drove the snakes out of Ireland, he vowed that no man would ever go beerless again. I too will join in later when we go out. I only like to get stinking drunk when in the company of strangers. That way the next day I know that there are a few more people in the world that think I’m a total ass. Tomorrow I will be sure to keep you all up to speed on the number of times I throw up from all this drinking and the exact nature and tone of my hangover headache.

 It will be glorious.

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I have rejoined the world of People Who Do Not Cry Constantly. For those who have said nice things, thank you and I’ll be emailing you as soon as I am caught up with all the crap that got pushed to the way side.

In the meantime, for everyone’s viewing pleasure I present men on treadmills.

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Day 1: Go to your first fertility testing appointment and learn that they want to do a procedure where your cervix may need to be clamped shut.

Day 2: Worry about cervix clamping procedure.

Day 3: Find out that you’re pregnant after a year of trying. Yay! No cervix clamping.

Day 4: Be happy. Have pregnancy confirmed by doctor.

Day 5: Begin to spot. Freak out and call doctor.

Day 6-8: Be happy, but kind of worried.

Day 9: Begin to bleed.

Day 10: Miscarry.

While these are the basics of 10 days to a sadder, more frustrated you, the following can be added to make it even worse:

1. When nurse calls to confirm hcg levels, note that they are awfully low. Nurse will say they are just fine for 3 weeks pregnant. Pointedly remind her that you are 4.5 weeks pregnant (which can make quite a bit of difference).

2. Once active bleeding starts call doctor’s office three times on days 9 and 10 and leave messages that you think you are having a miscarriage. Wait until 4:50 on day 10 for doctor to finally call back and leave message that she is sorry you lost your baby.  Try to call her back only to find that office phone has already been forwarded to voice mail.

3. Never once have your doctor consider confirming that you are miscarrying (which is standard practice) or talk to you about what you are going through and what follow up care should be. Even though in your last message you specifically asked what sort of follow up care would be needed and indicated that if doctor did get your voice mail to please leave this information in a message.

4. Find new doctor.

I know there are people, family and friends, who read this blog and this is normally the kind of thing I would want to tell them personally but I don’t want to say these words out loud anymore. After a week of some of the most intense worrying and fear I have ever felt I’m just too tired.

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