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On the Blogroll

You’ll see that on my blogroll I am now listing a site called I Can Has Cheezburger. This site has what they call catlol’s, which as far as I can tell, are silly pictures of cats (mostly) with silly phrases. There is one picture of a tiny bunny that about made me pee my pants. But here is something to help you acclimate to the cuteness.

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For our Seattle vacation, Chad and I stayed at the Hotel 1000 . It was a beautiful hotel, catering to a pretty classy clientele, and I felt inadequate even walking through its gigantic revolving door. I couldn’t live up to it. I wanted to give in and insist that the maid come in and turn down my bed each afternoon at 4pm, but I never did. Partly because each time they came by to offer the service, we were already in bed watching cartoons, but mostly because I had accidentally smeared a piece of chocolate on the bed sheet and it looked just like poop and I knew I could never look the housekeeping lady in the eye without insisting that it really was just chocolate and not poop in that over-emphatic way that would make her think that it was really poop.

Anyhow, here are some pictures that don’t do it any justice.

Here is the view from our very nice room:  

This is the very nice bed:

And this is the totally awesome 2 person bath tub that is better than any other bathtub I have ever known:


I think its important for your life to know about this bathroom. The white wall that you see behind the tub is actually a glass wall with a white shade. You can open the shade and either watch a little tv or throw open the room’s drapes and watch the sun set over the Olympic mountains while the people in the building across the way wonder why you’re letting them watch you take a bath.

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 Just go take a peak. It will make you giggle.

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Just My Luck

I don’t know if its because of the story I posted yesterday or if its the fact that just about fifteen minutes ago I was commenting on how people say we live in a bad neighborhood but we’ve never had any problems but we just had our first official car break in!

They stole the stereo – a generic thing that wasn’t cheap but wasn’t much (and don’t tell Chad I said this but was installed kind of wonky) and Chad’s jump drive that had music on it. Really the most expensive part of the whole thing will be replacing the window they smashed in.

 What’s funny is that this occurence is kind of making us do a lot of things we wanted to do but were too lazy to get around to.

1. We have to get the window they smashed replaced so we’re finally going to get the cracked windshield replaced too. That sucker has been cracked for 3 years. It is what makes our car look truly crappy. That and the missing hubcaps that pop off whenever I am unwilling or unable to slow down while going over train tracks.

2. Upgrade our car insurance. We have Safe Auto. Needless to say, the policy we have does not cover jack and/or crap and it certainly doesn’t pay to replace a window.

3. Use Chad’s mp3 player more often. Its a snazzy little thing with its own speakers and a built in radio and we hardly ever use it. We’ve decided to use it in the car instead of getting a new stereo. Its something we don’t have to leave in the car to tempt further break ins. So now we won’t feel like we wasted our money buying it!

All in all, neither of us is too upset. We were apparently the fourth report of a break in in the neighborhood just today so it seems that somebody went on a stealing spree. I get a little angry when I think about people taking what isn’t their’s and giving what is an essentially great neighborhood a bad reputation. Mother fuckers. But hey, you know, whatever.

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Hey Ya’ll

Seattle was great. It was good to see my brother. It was kind of cool to see that we have a lot of the same behaviors regardless of the fact that we hardly see each other. Its also really neat to see that Chad and my brother get along really well. That’s pretty cool.

Tomorrow or so I plan on posting a pretty pitiful montage of vacation photos. I didn’t take many, and half of what I did take is of our lovely hotel room. The Hotel 1000 was a very nice hotel with doormen who were not too snooty to open the door of my brother’s bird poo-covered Honda for me. I don’t know if I’ve ever told the Honda story, but this is the car that someone stole from my brother on Christmas morning only to turn up later a few blocks away, not too much worse for the wear. Matthew hopped right in and reclaimed his car. We’re not sure why it showed up but I like to think that Matthew got to steal the car back from the stealers. So yeah, photos soon!

I also want to say that homemade whole wheat tortillas are so very good. I highly recommend you make them. They’re not too hard and there are lots of recipes on the web. My tips – don’t be too afraid of flouring up the dough balls before you roll them out, don’t roll them out too thin (thicker ones are so freaking good), and make your skillet/griddle nice and hot. We had them with some oven roasted veggies (peppers, onions, and corn in olive oil) and it was so good that I can’t stop thinking about it.  Mmmmmm….

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Every once in awhile, its possible to come across something that gives you a window onto a world that you maybe didn’t know existed, or didn’t think really existed, or perhaps fervently wished didn’t exist. The website Socialite Rank will give you such a window.

 These people are ridiculous in a way that alternates between highly entertaining and excrutiatingly mind boggling. Reading the comments is half the fun/pain. This is like following celebrities except that the people in question largely have no talent or even a job yet are seemingly worthy of adoration because they were born with money and can pay the price for great hair, clear skin, and a personal trainer.

I think this sort of website is good additional reading to go along with the latest reports on the growing gap between the rich and the rest of us. If you’re goal is to become angry. Or depressed.

Seriously – go check it out. Its just too much.

 Hey, I’m going on vacation! We’ll be gone for about a week. I’ll bring you all souvenirs!

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