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Wallow, wallow. Wallow, wallow.

 That is the sound of me feeling totally sorry for myself. Actually, it might make sort of squelching noise, I don’t know.

Its hard to be properly down on oneself when there is a fuzzy cat who constantly wants to lay on your lap and smell your face. He smells things a lot -we think its because of the bad eye. But its like, “oh woe is me, how horrib-hey stop that! that tickles. awww you’re so cute and purry’.

I’m going to turn off all the lights in the apartment and watch some more cartoons. That’ll show ’em.

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God, we’re back to that again.

We resumed our efforts about 2 months ago and I’m already all rock-bottomy. I think I’d harboured a little hope that we’d be one of ‘those’ couples who had a miscarriage and immediately got pregnant afterwards. But no such luck. I can’t bring myself to do all the little monitoring things like take my temperature because it all reminds me that the Last Time I took my temperature, I got pregnant and then I got not pregnant. I think the solution is just to soldier through a month of doing everything, but its all proving to be a little harder than I thought.

In fact, I’m taking it all a little harder than I thought. I’m not depressed per se, but I find that I am saddened by it more often than I thought I would be 3 months out. I feel a little lost with the whole process, unsure of what to do next. I had originally wanted to rush in and do every test imaginable, but every test imaginable adds up to be a heck of a lot of money, a heck of a lot of blood, and a heck of a lot of cervix clamping. I may have it, but I do not want to shell out $800 for a hysterosalpingogram. At least not yet, anyway. I was so sure it was going to be something hormonal but so far blood tests aren’t showing anything too weird. Its oddly disappointing.

Who knows.

I wish I could take a picture and show all of you the two sleeping dogs and the sleeping cat. Oh wait – I could. I’m just too lazy.

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Today is Sunday. Days like these are the kinds of days that I think there will be when we have children. Laundry, cooking, cleaning, running errands, being vaguely grumpy, at times being out right grumpy. The grumpy today is PMS but I’m pretty sure that when you have kids and you’re busy you can be grumpy, too. If that kind of grumpy involves yelling at the dog then it must be a lot like today’s kind of grumpy.

Let me speak of these, the parallel dogs: Parallel Dogs 

We are working on some training initiatives, just a few things to improve productivity and customer service…wait, no….these efforts are to cut down on the barking and general horriblenesss that comes with putting leashes on and going for walks. These dogs are so smart. In two days they’ve both (coming from nothing, mind you) learned to sit, let me put their leash on, stay while I walk to the door and open it and then come to the door when I say “Come”. It’s amazing. They’re very good at it.

At least, they’re very good at it when the other dog is not in the room. The moment they’re both doing this together everything breaks down and nobody listens and I eventually am reduced to screaming at them, which is why we’re doing this in the first place. I’m fairly certain that the neighbors think I am an evil, evil dog hater who tortures dogs by yelling at them in the apartment’s main hallway. There might be some truth to that.

Anyway, the answer is pretty clear to me, being that we have to work on putting on leashes and staying and not barking our bloody heads off with both dogs at the same time and when I have fortified myself with wine, we may work on this.

I’ve been promising pictures of the new kitty, Mojo and I’m here to deliver. This cat is hilarious. He has never been timid per se since he’s been here, but in the last few days he has obviously come to feel quite at home. He has his favorite chair (the office chair that gets good sun) and 2-3 times a day he spends a half hour or so completely insane. In these little pockets of craziness, he eschews traditional cat toys for anything even remotely dangly or invisible. I say invisible because he often pounces on things that we can’t really see. This might have something to do with his bad eye, which the vet tells us does have vision but it is very cloudy. She thinks its a developmental snafu or glaucoma as opposed to a viral infection which is good in that he may not have ongoing respiratory issues but bad in that we have to monitor it very closely for the next while with several vet visits to check the pressure in his eye. Oh well. He’s happy. We took him to the vet in a lovely paper ream box as we were without cat carrier and he wasn’t a fan of that. He meowed and tried to eat my hand the whole way there, but when we took him out of the box he just had a look like ‘finally’ and proceeded to be very sweet and not at all vengeful. He’s a good kitty.  Kitty 1  Kitty 2                                       

I’m off to watch Jeeves and Wooster because I think its important to remember that there was a time when Hugh Laurie wasn’t House.

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Kitty Pants!

We went out and got ourselves a kitty! His name is MoJo (named by the shelter) and he’s purdy. I’ve taken pictures and videos and I’ll post them as soon as I can find batteries or the adapter to make my camera run. There’s some pretty freaking cute stuff and I think I’m well on my way to achieving my dream of posting silly pictures of my own cat on the internet.

 We were all set to very slowly introduce him to the dogs but apparenlty, this cat loves dogs. We had speculated that Brynn would ignore the new kitty and Simon would want to be the kitty’s friend and were totally off. Brynn very gently approaches that kitty and – get this – licks the cat’s head. This dog has never given two craps about a cat and this one he decides to lovingly groom. Kitty, for his part, is totally into it and leans into Brynn whenever he walks by which causes Brynn to suddenly freak out. You must be gentle with this dog.

 Simon likes the kitty. He wants the kitty to play with him but by god what he wants most is for the people not to pay any attention at all to the kitty. And he wants the kitty to stay the fuck away from his toys. When Simon gets barky at the kitty Brynn places himself in between the two of them. Brynn is in love.

 I am soooo sleepy. I will try to post pictures of MoJo aka Kitty Pants aka Kitty Boy aka Sweetums aka Sweetness.

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Funny Kitty

Here’s a youtube video I snagged. Apparentlty this cat was sedated at a vet appointment. And when I say apparently, I mean obviously.

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and the hat is called a fez. it has its own name.

 Why aren’t you writing my paper?

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i totally mispelled shriners in the last post. so this serves as one big correction. its shriners.

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Okay I’m writing my last paper of the semester – of course its the big one – and I swear to god that the more I type the shorter the paper gets. I’m not sure how this is happening. Its like word is being a bastard and making what should rightly be 7 or 8 pages fit onto 5 – wait! Now its 4! Which looking at the numbers sounds pretty pathetic and makes me wonder what I’ve spent the last 3 hours doing. Oh wait – I was looking at funny pictures of cats in shreiner hats. Now I remember. I wonder if I can work cats in shreiner hats into my paper? Do you think cats want to wear shreiner hats because of globalization or the burgeoning practice of cross sector cooperation to deliver government services? I think they might.

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oh kitty

I promise, I’m not going to start posting nothing but silly pictures but I really liked this one.

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