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U-tah, I-tah

Utah is really, really pretty.

Why can’t you ever find a convenient outlet in a hotel room?

Has Brett Michaels had plastic surgery?

I like Amy Winehouse.

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Things That are Gross About Me and My Home: 

1) I rarely take showers on Sundays.

I typically don’t plan things for Sundays so there seems to be no point in cleaning up to do nothing. Sunday usually finds me in whatever pants smell the least, a sports bra, a t-shirt, and a pony tail that is nicely slicked back by a night’s sleep worth of hair grease. I am awesome. I smell. I am wallowing in my smelly.

2) This is a double whammy. There is cat litter all over the carpet outside the bathroom because the dogs figured out how to get past my latest litter box protection structures  and had them a cat poop buffet last night. Which means I also have dogs who have cat poop breath (or at least, they might. I refuse to check). Plus, later, they will have very hard, green poops because that is what the litter does to ’em.

3) We keep our recylcing in the front closet and, since the cat is on an all canned food diet (no grains for kitties I says!), that closet wreaks of canned cat food. Blech. Recylcing will be kept in the garage at our new house.

What is Cute about Me and My Home (well, my home at least)

1) The cat loves Brynn. Right now, he is hiding behind the chair in the living room and waiting for Brynn to walk by so he can run out and pretend to pounce on him. He never actually makes contact, its sort of like what screen fighting looks like. Brynn barely even flinches and just keeps walking. When the dogs go out, kitty sits at the door and me-yowls until they come back in. He always runs right up to Brynn like, Thank heavens your home and safe! Simon is okay, too, but Simon tries to eat his food and never ever sleeps next to him on the bed.

2) Simon loves our neighbor. He’s an older guy who goes outside to smoke or sit and do crossword puzzles and Simon wants more than anything to just keep him company. 

3) I have some really nice throw pillows I bought from Marshall’s.  

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We’re buyin’ a freaking house!

I had all sorts of pithy, wonderful comments to make on the process but eeehhhhh I’m not feeling it today. Will post pictures as we take them. I’ve been talked out of painting until we’re in the house and have a better feel for what colors we want (I see right through this arugment – Chad just doesn’t want to paint). I accept this arguement without question because not painting frees up money for other things I want and desparately need like pretty rugs and a dining room table.

Other than that I am off to Utah! The land of milk and honey and religious whackos (some of them, at least) and famous bloggers and the conference that I am going to for work. I have 3 conferences this summer – I thought I’d love them but I spend  a lot of time thinking about how the pillows at home are better and missing Chad and the boys.

Gotta go! The home inspector is on the phone and we have to schedule our home inspection!

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Oh, hey! How are you?

 I’m okay. Work has been kicking my ay-us (spelled phonetically to help you understand just how kicked it is) – lots of overtime and a stressful, “how can this get any more screwed up?” project (plus normal projects who stubbornly refuse to be pushed by the way-side). The project and overtime continue, but I’m somewhat immune to them. When people ask, “That f-ed up project is still going!? I say yes and then ask them to kill me if things get too bad. They don’t mind, they’re all nice and they like to do whatever they can to help.

The other thing that is eating up day and night is that we are buying a house! Or rather, we have found a house that we are going to see one more time before making an offer. The first house we found was snatched from us about the moment we decided we loved it, so I will be more than a little nervous until we sign the contract. House buying and trying to get pregnant have a surprising lot in common – you can never quite trust the outcome until you have it right there in front of you. I’m hoping we have better luck with house buying than with baby making.

Said house is really nice, though. It is eensy (all in all not that much bigger than our apartment), but it is nicely designed and has a full, dry basement that we would probably finish sooner or later. What is best, however, is that this house has a backyard so grand that it could probably support a small herd of elk. I’m not even joking. When I first saw the backyard, I was in the middle of saying something to our agent and I was so stunned that all I could get out was a rather well put, “Holy crap”. I’m assuming I didn’t say “Holy fucking crap” because she didn’t act shocked or anything, but that is sure what I was thinking. We have plans for that backyard, oh yes, we have plans. And Chad is doing all the mowing.

So we’re giddily planning for a house that we really hope we get to buy (I have found more cool space saving/extra storage than you can shake a home decorating stick at). Did I mention it is about $20,000 less than we were expecting to put out? That’s sweet, too. This will be painted, that will be tiled, decks will be built, space will be saved.

In the middle of all this I had a thought – are we going to have any more fertility testing done any time soon? If it is, we might not want to throw all our money into awesomely upholstered new couches and real bookcases. I think I’m moving towards that but the house stuff is so exciting and the fertility stuff is still frustrating and all. Having gotten pregnant, there’s that little caveat – “We should probably have your sperm tested now – even though we did manage to get pregnant”. It is a caveat that is making us drag our feet a little, I think. I get so frustrated because I feel like its so easy to do one little thing wrong every month and shoot that cycle all to hell. I don’t know if other women feel this way – do they look back on the last however many cycles and evaluate each one of them for how good of a try they gave it? I don’t know.

Sigh. Okay, I’m going to go watch cartoons and fall asleep. Just wanted to say hi!

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