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Chad and I refuse to pick up after ourselves in this last few weeks before the move. I don’t want to put anything away that could just as easily be stuck in a box. So says I. This attitude has carried over to the dishes and if I were a different kind of person who didn’t care so desperately what you all think of me, I would take a picture of the mess and show it to you. Its pretty gross. It isn’t helped by the teensy weensiness of our kitchen (a sink, a stove and a modest stretch of counter top).

Here are the titles of blog entry drafts that I have not posted: The Further Adventures of Mister Kitty Pants, About Pee, If You Die on the Simpson’s, Do You Die in Real Life?, So Much Poop, What Must Deaf People Think, and Top 10 Cartoons . Pick one and I’ll finish it and post it. I think they’re all about something besides “this is what I did today…this is how I feel…blah blah blah…”.

Quote for the Day: I did do the nasty in past-y. -Philip J. Fry

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And then working 5 to 9, oh this job is really killin’…(sing it in your head! do it!)

I complain a lot but I am by far, far, far not working the most overtime in our department. Still, it is so strange and unexpected that I, who am lazier than a box of rocks from the ancient and fabled land of Lazy, have ceded to the siren song of “if I work a lot of overtime I will be so super cool and professional”. I’m hoping that not living right across the street from the office will help cut down on this distrubing new trend. Actually, what will cut down on this disturbing new trend would be to have some of the disturbingly crazy projects come to an end. I think we’re close. At least kind of sort of.

 I was just thinking how great the dogs were being and then they saw the new puppy in the apartment building and all hell broke loose.

If any of you have a dog or cat that gets hot spots, I highly recommend Gold Bond Medicated Powder SPRAY. Brynn has some pretty nasty allergies that cause hot spots and this spray has cleared them right up. Plus, a spray is a lot easier to administer to a dog who refuses with all his might to be an active participant in the process.

We move into our house in about two and half weeks! I started packing today. I’ll post some pictures of the house as soon as I can find someone I know who has a working digital camera. This week I’ll set up all the utilities and Chad will finalize the insurance and all that will be left to do will be to close on the 24th. And move. And buy stuff. Oh are we going to buy stuff. We are going to buy the prettiest, coolest washer and dryer ever and we are going to set them out on the front lawn. And it wont be trashy, it will be beautiful and all will come to bask in the glory of our washer and dryer with the front loading technology and energy efficient rating.

And! We did couple stuff. On Saturday we hung out with Rupa and Neeraj (I work with Rupa) and grilled hot dogs and vegetables and drank Shandy and watched funny things on youtube and wanted to watch Shaun of the Dead but were thwarted at every turn.

I think we could call today’s writing style: the art of the run on sentence.

In my last post I questioned whether or not Brett Michael’s has had plastic surgery. I admit that this came about because while I was in Utah for a conference (land of beautiful scenery, really dry air and subsequently bloody noses) I watched Rock of Love on VH1 and now I need it. I neeeeeed it. We almost decided to get cable because of this strong need, but then I realized I could find episodes online. You may have heard me say at some point (even snottily perhaps) that we don’t have cable and don’t watch much tv, but I usually break down right after that and admit that I spend a lot of time watching tv shows online or on dvd. But its not tv, technically. So that is my loophole. But the show! The show is all about sex and cattiness and whoriness and pole dancing and some dance move that I’d never seen before where you put your hands inside your bra/bikini top while you dance and laying it all on the line for the love of Brett Michaels. It is exhilirating.  

I will be starting a new blog dedicated to nonprofit business issues and solutions. It will be a place for discussion and idea trading (assuming I ever, ever, ever get it off the ground) and all are invited. I’ll link to it in my sidebar for all who are interested.

Hmmm yeah I think that’s about it.

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