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Back to Basics

Showza. I almost forgot how to get here. It has been that long. I would apologize about keeping all of you waiting, but I’m fairly certain that not one of my three loyal readers is waiting. So here I am, blogging to a vast empty space. Which is okay.

The thing is, I disappeared off the face 0f the earth. I know – cliche, right? But I did.¬†You might have thought it was work or buying the house or the semester starting, but you’d be wrong.

It was the strangest thing and definitely constitutes the farthest I have ever travelled. To be truthful I’ve never travelled far at all. I’ve only left the country once and that was to go to Tiajuana and I don’t know if that counts unless your idea of international culture is a donkey painted like a zebra. If it is, then by all means go and have a lovely time. You can also buy cheap smokes but, not to be preachy, you should really think about quitting.

So anyways, I fell off the face of the earth (I tripped and just narrowly missed hitting the ground*) and it took me awhile to determine the best way to fall back onto it so ergo no posts for a good long bit.

I am wearing my wedding dress. I lost a chunk of weight recently and I wanted to see if it fit better than when I got married. And I gotta tell you, it does. I’m thinking of asking Chad if he’d like to do the whole thing over again.

Do you think Cat Woman preferred canned or dry food? And why was there never a Cat Man character?

Perhaps this is why I took a break from blogging – errrrr – fell off the face of the earth.


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