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Love and understanding.

Isn’t it obvious?

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Why I Oughtta’…

Really? Really, Colts? Is this the way we start a football game? Okay, fine. But the second half better be worth staying up for.

In the last few years I have become a football *cough* fan. It started out with just being a Colts fan but I’ve come to like some other teams like the Bears, because I just feel so bad for their quarterbacks and they have Roberto Garza who just seems like a great guy. Most of my football allegiances are centered around non-football related things like what sorts of charities they work with and how nice they are to fans.

Man, the Colts are having a rough time tonight. Seriously.

Here’s something, though. I think its more interesting when your team loses sometimes. It gets boring when you think your team is always going to win. You have nothing to look forward to week to week and instead of watching games you spend the whole time doing housework or reading or ironing all your work clothes for the week (that last is only if you are truly bored). So while I don’t want the Colts to get their butts kicked, and certainly not as soundly as they have so far, I don’t think I’ll be too upset if they lose their second game in a row. It just means that next week, I will watch every second of the game.

In other news, Chad was absolutely vomitous on Friday. We learned that our bathroom walls are not thick enough to muffle the sound of violent wretching and the ensuing splashing sound as throw up hits bucket (Chad is too tall to throw up in the toilet comfortably). Every 45 minutes or so I had to go outside so that I didn’t myself get a little sick at the sound of him getting a lot sick. Chad is not necessarily a baby when he’s sick but he definitely is an opinionated little jerk who doesn’t mind yelling at you that he did not ask for you to bring him the tissues or a trash can and to get them away from him NOW! To that, I quietly shut the door and decided to ignore him for the rest of the day.

And now I’m going to ignore you for the rest of the day (just kidding – I love you all terribly).

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What a week its been. Oy gevalt.

Our (ex) landlords are some screwy bastards. I went to pay rent and check on the apartment only to find out that they had moved someone in to the apartment (in like, a week’s time) and were attempting to continue to charge us rent based on an abandonment clause in our lease. When Chad called to point out the fact that in order to abandon a rental property you have to stop paying rent and that they had quite clearly continued to cash our rent checks, they acted like he was stupid. I guess when Chad told her we had read the abandonment clause both prior to moving out and that very day and that according to a lawyer we did not satisfy the clause, she said “Thank you!” like he had just beautifully proven her point for her. Then she hung up on him.

Then we said hey why don’t we all talk to a judge about this! And then they returned our rent and full security deposit. Which is a relief because we didn’t want to go to court (well, secretly I think Chad did). But the check they gave us had stuff written on it in weird places and neither our bank nor their bank would accept the damn thing because it was just to effed up. Then Chad remembered a branch of our bank that he used to go to that never seemed to care about things like rules and regulations so we took it there and they deposited it! It does have a 10 day hold to ensure the funds clear, but they were all like “why wouldn’t we take it?”. We chose not to tell them all the reasons the other banks had given us.

 The moral of this story? Don’t leave your butter in the fridge of an apartment you move out of because you are never going to get that butter back. That butter will not be considered “property” and thus be subject to state statutes that require the landlord to keep that butter safe for you for a specified amount of time after which they can sell that butter and retain the proceeds. And butter is expensive, people.

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