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Long Time

I know. its been a long time.

The last we saw our heroine, she was on the eve of her first IUI in her attempt to have a baby. Flash forward to IUI. It doesn’t work. Damn. That’s a lot of money for something to not work (we did injectables).

Then their was the Month of Depression. For both heroine and husband. Talk about an existential crisis. It was and how. I might write about it later, but I’m still grappling with it somewhat and it gets a little painful and I’m not here to inflict pain on you all. At least not so purposefully.

And then our heroine got pregnant. Wah? Yeah. Just kind of got pregnant. From sex. Perhaps one of the most annoying things an infertile couple can do. I’m sensitive enough to refer to it as “spontaneous” and not “natural” because to infer a pregnancy caused by any other means is “unnnatural” is not playing nice and not really true. However I am not sensitive enough to 1) not rub my belly in public and 2) not complain about morning sickness. Which (!!knock on wood!!) seems to be slowing down to a vague, intermittent nausea as we swing in to week 20 (yeah – that’s how long its been. not only am I pregnant but I’m halfway through it).

Oh, and its a girl. And I often ask her “what’re ya doing in there?”. And she never answers. Already a communication problem.

On other fronts, I’ve been doing a lot (well…meeting a lot) for my neighborhood organization. I’m on a business and land use committee and we talk a lot about Variances and Budgets and How Kate is Going to Send Out Item X ASAP which doesn’t ever happen asap. I don’t know if this is the pace that volunteer organizations run at or if I am just Plain Ol’ Lazy. Its fun though – if you think for a second that most of the businesses in your neighborhood wouldn’t screw you and your neighbors for an extra parking space in their lot, you’re wrong. There’s a lot going on in land use to get uppity about. And I do love a good bout of uppity.

Also – we have five cats now. Five cats is a lot of cats. All accumulated in just over a year, too. That’s some mad cat collecting. There’s Mojo and Tinkerbell. These were Plannedcats, brought home from a local no-kill animal shelter. Then there was Faith, the first of the Foundcats.  Three was a nice number and they all got along or ignored each other and the litter never got too stinky. And then during a neighborhood clean up, two leeetle kittens came running across a busy road to see what we were doing. And you can’t leave leetle kittens on a busy road. Unless you’re a heartless bastard who doesn’t care about life. So we brought them home and treated them for fleas and before I could figure out where to post our “Kittens to Good Home” sign, Chad had named them and got very pouty whenever I talked about not keeping them. They are Bogey and Sam. So 5. And they get along or leave each other alone and there’s lots and lots of cute playing but boy howdy that cat litter really stinks now.

That’s the update for now. I’ve got to eat some soup. World peace depends on it.

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