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Why Chad is SAHD

See Chad. Chad is sad. Or rather Chad will be SAHD. Or rather, when this chicken that’s baking in my oven is born Chad will stay home with her (after my maternity leave of course). He’s pretty psyched. And the most awesomest part so far is that he is trying to prove his care taking worth to me by making dinner while I get to take a bath. I already had faith in his ability to clean and cook. But let’s not tell him that quite yet. I’ll probably clarify more on this set up later (I don’t know entirely what it means as of yet). I had no idea just how rare it is for Dad to be the primary caretaker of a child. I mean, I knew it was rare but there’s hardly anything out there for the stay at home dad. In fact, most child rearing information geared towards dads is about how they can best go about not starving or accidentally killing their child. I told Chad that the consensus seems to be that fathers are bumbling idiots who need to be distracted from the responsibilites of child care with sports references and big screen tv’s. LIke if he’s watching football maybe he won’t accidentally eat the baby!

As most of you know the chicken is a girl chicken. Her name has been decided but I can’t help but keep calling her “Somebody” as in “Somebody is practicing full body flips right now” or “When I was setting up Halloween decorations I shocked myself on a bad bulb and I’m afraid Somebody felt it”. And then I cried because I felt like such a stupid idiot. I think maybe I need all those books geared towards fathers. I apparently cannot be trusted not to electrocute my unborn child.

Anyway, Somebody is doing fine (or is doing fine as far as we know as I like to say after a good electrocution). She moves a lot, especially after I eat chocolate. Can’t help but think there’s a connection there. We bought several really freaking cute prints from an artist, GumballGrenade, on Etsy to set the tone for the nursery. Chad’s shifted gears since we decided he would stay at home (he’s still going to work some but not very much). He’s no longer obsessed with getting more hours in at the hospital – now he thinks about parks and trips to the zoo and what kinds of bottles we should use. Pretty darn adorable if you ask me. I even caught him reading a baby magazine.

I have a whole post in my head about pregnancy after infertility. That might come later. Hmm…all my coworkers are back from lunch. Better stop blogging. (more…)

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