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Tonight I go in to be induced. I dreamt all night about having contractions and I would wake up to see if I really was having some and…..no. Just dreaming. Its so very quiet down there. Shhh.

What do you do all day while waiting to go have a baby?! We keep having little freak out (auugghh!) moments and I’ve been very sentimentally talking to the dogs and cats about how we’re bringing home a little sister for them.

This has been quite a journey. We’re here.

Cinammon rolls are ready! That’s something to help pass the time.

We’ll post pictures of Gigantic Georgia (we’re taking over/under bets about her weight with 9 lbs being the cut off).

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In case anyone is wondering, there is no labor in sight and I’m overdue. I get that this is normal, but its also a little frustrating. I’m scheduled for an induction on Monday at 6:30pm. As I told Chad, I don’t want to be induced but if I haven’t had her by Monday I really want to be induced. I get a little sad that if I am induced I wont know what its like to go in to labor naturally, but I’m pretty good at saying whatever about stuff like that. The situation is what it is and since she’s probably already a BIG baby, I don’t want to push it too far and have a baby that is tall enough not to need a car seat.


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