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Sleep Like a Baby

The thing I hate the most about parenting is baby sleep.

I know, I HATE something about parenting? But seriously. We all HATE something about parenting, even if we don’t know it.

You have to protect it. Make it a priority. Keep an eye out for signs of sleepiness (while you’re keeping an eye out for safety hazards and poking the dog in the eye – the baby/toddler not me). And every little thing hangs on getting that baby to nap. But the baby doesn’t want to nap or doesn’t want to nap long enough. And when she cries you think “look toots, you had your chance for a nap” but your tension level rises a little (a lot) because you’re faced with the questions in your head “do I put her down again? do we power through? should we go for a walk to see if she sleeps? a drive? a beer?”.

If you have more than one kid it suddenly becomes a dance, one that you’ll probably never be very good at, to get the basics of life taken care of, to give the kids enough attention and to FREAKING GET THEM TO SLEEP. Oh and maybe a little time for you, too.

I want to lighten up, you know? I don’t want this to baby sleep thing to be everything and I have this idea that everyone else has it down so pat that no one will even understand what I’m saying here.

Any suggestions for lightening up?

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