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The laziness has taken ahold of me. I finished my last class of the semester on Saturday and as a free woman, have decided to do…well, not much at all. Ever again. I played a video game – Dreamfall: Longest Journey which was very nice but surprisingly short. Its a very beautiful game with a developed story and I think I was supposed to take my time and not try to run through it at break neck speed, but that’s how I play the game, yo. Also, everyone dies at the end. No matter what you do. Which can be a bit frustrating when you’ve been trying so hard to keep them alive the whole time.

But I just wanted to stop in and say hey, internet. I think about you guys but right now I need some ‘me’ time. Some time to unwind. Some time to think about the fact that Chad and I have decided we are going to say screw you to trying to have our own baby and go straight to adoption. That’s right, internet. We may have no proof of infertility but we’ve decided this is the choice for us. The choice does lead to a lot of silly conversations like can we request the most flatulence-gifted child in order to help them fit into our home? This child’s future father has gas that can kill. We just want the kid to have a fighting chance.

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Music Makes the World Go Round

Before I was married and I was still trying to find my one true love, I had this theory that if I could just find someone who loved Paul Simon as much as I do, then I would have found somebody special and that they could be The One. As you can imagine, finding someone who loves Paul Simon is not a difficult thing to do. It was actually quite easy and not a single one of these people were in any way The One, even if I’d had a lot to drink. I had to revise my theory. I decided that instead of searching for the obvious, I would look for something a little more discerning and try to find a guy who loved Queen as much as I did. Now, I don’t lu-hu-hu-huv Queen, but I like them more than most, so I figured this was a pretty good bar to set.

Thus it was with no little heart-skipping that I walked into Chad’s apartment for the first time and saw AN ENTIRE SHELF OF QUEEN CONCERT DVDS. Talk about a lightning bolt. I remember being so awe-struck that I had to hold myself back from proposing to him right there and then.

The funny thing is, totally unbeknownst to me, Chad was conducting his own little true-love music test. See, Chad loves Aimee Mann. He lu-hu-hu-hu-hu-huvs her. He loves Aimee Mann solo, he loves Aimee Mann ‘Til Tuesday, he loves Aimee Mann with heavy eye makeup and crazy 80’s punk hair. So when I walked into his apartment that very first time and freaked because he had highly visible evidence of Queen, he was freaking out because I started to sing along with the Aimee Mann concert video that he had playing in the background. In that one single instance, we fell deeply and musically in love with eachother.

And the kicker: After moving in together we were talking about this and all sorts of things were reavealed. First, I don’t know a whole lot about Aimee Mann. It was dumb luck that she was singing a song from the Magnolia soundtrack, which I had been exposed to entirely thanks to someone else and was the only Aimee Mann album that I owned. But my “Oh sure, I love Aimee Mann” was a lot more convincing since I could sing the song. And those Queen concert dvds? Weren’t Chad’s. They belonged to his roommate, Brendan.

Even though we’d both had these ideas that The One would like the same things we liked and it turned out that we weren’t quite as into each other’s music as we’d led the other one to believe, I don’t think this diminishes the story at all. Really, even though I’d only known Chad for a week at that point, if he’d opened his apartment door wearing Civil War garb I probably would’ve declared him The One based on my heretofore undiscovered love of Civil War reenacting.

We moved in together super quick. And we got married after only a year of dating. But at least once every day I think about how freaking lucky I am and how even if we’d gotten married after only a week of knowing eachother, Chad is the best mistake I could ever, ever make.

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