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so much for heavy.

The weather this weekend was perfect for gardening. Or rather, pulling weeds which I am now exceedingly good at. I understand that there are things you can do to a garden so that you’re not charging that windmill week after week after week but I rather like weeding (therapy for the mind and all). And we are currently harboring a little nest of baby mice right smack dab in the middle of the garden so I am not willing to do anything to endanger them. Nest and mice sound very plague-ish together. It is a cozy little den of mice. I know you’re not supposed to welcome the raiding hoardes so readily but they’re there and I neither want to touch them or hurt them so they get to stay there until they grow up and move out. It is a community garden though, so we are keeping are mousey goings on hush hush lest a fellow gardener decide that he or she is not so tolerant.
In other news…
At her 4 month appointment GMG was 17 lbs 8 ounces and 26.5 inches long. She is a big baby. We are faced with issues like Replacing the Car Seat way ahead of schedule. She is sitting now – actual unassisted sitting that isn’t in the tripod formation, yet she refuses to roll from her back to her belly. She scoots madly when you put her on her tummy and if you do so then leave the room she will not be where you put her when you come back. I know that millions of bazillions of babies that have come before have done all these things but it fills me with a feeling of Most Amazing Baby Ever. I’m also aware that most moms feel this way so I will make a little room on my pedestal and say that we can all have the most amazing babies ever. We don’t want to get lonely at the top, mind you.
I knocked out my first class post partum. It turned out to be easier than I thought but that might be because 1. it was an online class and 2. I had a really great professor who was all about learning and less about deadlines. A time or two did find me reading to GMG about the importance of an internal audit when preparing to conduct a capital fundraising campaign. She was rapt, I tell you.

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What are these cats doing?

What are these cats doing?

Seriously, what are those cats doing?

Seriously, what are those cats doing?

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The Last Post Has Pictures

I just poked a sleeping bear. GMG has been napping, on her own, for almost an hour and a half. When I checked on her, she was so still that I had to kiss her and make her move just a little. Just to make sure. Even though one of the biggest lessons I have learned is: Do not wake the baby!

So I’ve got myself a baby. I get it now that until you have a kid, you can’t fathom how it will change your life. The closest I think I can come is to say that when it gets rough or you get tired, you can’t stick the kid in a drawer and come back to it when you’re ready. There are no breaks. Which is a tough realization when you’ve been oh let’s say pleasantly self absorbed and maybe a wee bit lazy your whole life.

Things I’ve done since she’s been born that I am surprised by:

1. got my hair done

2. took a shower almost every day

3. filed my nails

4. took the dogs to the vet (to get their nails done)

5. slept (well…a little bit)

6. slept every night with the baby snuggled up next to me*

7. put my baby down for a nap…on her tummy*

8. took the baby out (to dinner, to Babies R Us, to K Mart)*

9. Kept a baby alive for 6 weeks and counting (feeding her with my very own boobs)

10. Have not been knocked flat by depression. I’m as surprised by this as anyone. Whenever someone asks how I’m doing, either my mom or Chad or myself stops and says thoughtfully “really pretty well”. Of course, the first few weeks were pretty emotional but beyond that most of my crying has been a result of lack of sleep. I’m not bragging -well I am bragging, but not in any competitive sort of way. Just saying for once I have not been knocked flat by depression.

11. The thing I’m worrying about (whatever that thing may be) has been worried about by mothers before me and google will show me the way.

*things my pediatrician hates me for. The pediatrician can bite me.

 Other lessons I have learned:

1. The cats are driving me crazy. But the cats are pretty crazy.

2. Baby poop (breastfeeding poop) doesn’t look or smell enough like poop to ick me out. I have on more than one occassion realized that I have a little bit on my hand and haven’t minded. I mean, I washed it off. Eventually.

3. 7 hours of sleep broken up in to three blocks is not anything like 7 hours of unbroken sleep. But it will do.

4. Do your kegels. Seriously. For the first few weeks, every time I sneezed or coughed it felt like my crotch was going to fall out.

I’m watching Oprah and the moms are talking about what nobody told them befor they had kids. I think people told me a lot of stuff (especially Jeanine) but I don’t think you can really understand what you’re being told until you go through it.

Okay – gotta go check on this baby again.

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February 24, 2009

Georgia Mae was born on February 24, 2009 at 4:24pm.

It hurt. I did not like labor. Contractions hurt, pushing hurt. But sweet goodness – when the kid is out it is amazing relief.  I had a lot more written about the suckitude of labor but I don’t want to be that kind of person and I’ve already forgotten how it really felt so it has been stricken from the record.

Anyway, you’re all really here to see this:

GMG and Gramps

GMG and Gramps


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