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A few weeks ago, Chad and I did laundry but then didn’t fold the clothes and put them away. If you know me or, more specifically if you’re my mom or dad, that statement probably made you roll your eyes and ask “Has she ever put away her clean clothes? Ever?”. But anyway, we didn’t. And I am here to tell you, that is a very dangerous thing to do. Because you see, when you leave things laying around like that you run the risk of developing a….dog infestation.

Things were fine for a few days. I would just rummage through the pile and get whatever I needed but after a few days I started noticing dog hair on everything and one day I came in to find this: THIS!

We had the beginnings of a dog infestation. We were arragont. After all, it was just one dog. It didn’t mean we had a full blown case of stinky dogs. We decided to ignore the warning signs and we didn’t pick up the clothes. Oh what fools we were! Days later we came home to find these:



  And Another!

Filthy, stinky dogs had infested our nice, clean clothes. We spent the evening putting the clothes up and we vowed never to leave them laying on the floor like that again. We did decide to keep a few of the dogs as pets. I mean, its winter, the cold is just going to drive them back inside anyway. And once you bathe them they are super cute. Much cuter than the millipede that’s living in the bathroom

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