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Eight years. How’s that for a hiatus?

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Sleep Like a Baby

The thing I hate the most about parenting is baby sleep.

I know, I HATE something about parenting? But seriously. We all HATE something about parenting, even if we don’t know it.

You have to protect it. Make it a priority. Keep an eye out for signs of sleepiness (while you’re keeping an eye out for safety hazards and poking the dog in the eye – the baby/toddler not me). And every little thing hangs on getting that baby to nap. But the baby doesn’t want to nap or doesn’t want to nap long enough. And when she cries you think “look toots, you had your chance for a nap” but your tension level rises a little (a lot) because you’re faced with the questions in your head “do I put her down again? do we power through? should we go for a walk to see if she sleeps? a drive? a beer?”.

If you have more than one kid it suddenly becomes a dance, one that you’ll probably never be very good at, to get the basics of life taken care of, to give the kids enough attention and to FREAKING GET THEM TO SLEEP. Oh and maybe a little time for you, too.

I want to lighten up, you know? I don’t want this to baby sleep thing to be everything and I have this idea that everyone else has it down so pat that no one will even understand what I’m saying here.

Any suggestions for lightening up?

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When the whole world fills with snot and sore throats and sleepless nights its hard to surface enough to write a blog post. Or to think or to run.

I did try to run. I ran the day after I started doing the 30 Day Shred workouts and all I can say is that shred isn’t too far off the mark in terms of how you feel the next day. It isn’t that motivation to run is lacking, rather its motivation to carve out the time to run that is the problem. Its too easy to say that today is too busy, too hard, too uncertain. It isn’t the physical exertion that I am avoiding, its actually taking the time to myself that I am avoiding. A bit of mommy martyr going on, I think.

But I did do my first adventure race – the Carmel Amazing Adventure through Planet Adventure Racing. I’m going to try to gather some photos of the event and do a post all its own. I raced with my dad and it was a lot of fun.

So that’s my story.

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Okay, so I am going to play a little catch up because it has been so very long.

I have two babies now! G is almost two and a half (my professional training tells me that if a number is less than ten it should always be spelled out) and her little sister M is about to turn seven months.I don’t know how much I’m going to write/share about the girls. I love reading about the kids of others but I don’t know how I feel about sharing.

We’re down a cat but up a dog bringing our current total of furry evil to six. Don’t worry about kitty – she moved in with my parents because the Kitty Boys were picking on her. But she’ll probably be back soon.

See Kate run! I run now. Very slowly but it counts. In fact, I want to use this space to bore you to tears with run tracking .

But my primary reason to restart this old clunker is because there are some really cool blogs that I love to read and I hate that the relationship is one sided – I know all about their life in their words, but they know nothing of me beyond my comment.

Thrilling words! Let’s consider this post a bit of bookkeeping and not judge it.

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I’m not going to do that thing, you know that thing where I apologize and say where I’ve been, mostly because no one is sitting there going where is Kate? and also because I think its just implied.

So how are you?


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Did you know that women are less likely than men to contribute to Wikipedia?

Robots and humans can work together. It probably helps when the robots are cute.

Stop screwing around. You can’t recycle plastic bottle lids.

¬†EDITED: Okay, I’ll stop screwing around. You CAN recycle plastic bottle lids, but most common recycling programs don’t want them. Aveda is starting a bottle cap recycling program and some of us are lucky enough to live near a place that will take just about anything such as Indianapolis Recycled Fiber on West St.

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Road Righteous

Chad has coined the term road righteous. It describes a style of driving that is full of indignation over others’ inability to use turn signals or merge respectfully on the highway. Road rage was too much – there’s no yelling in road righteousness. Just tssk-ing.

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