My total mileage goal this week is 8 miles, split up over three runs. I want to do two distance, and one tempo run because MAN OH MAN AM I SLOW. Which is fine. Its just that if that creepy guy in the jeans shirt riding his bike turns out to be a serial killer I want to be able to out run him. He rides slowly.

Lessons from last week! If your basement floods and your husband is working a lot of crazy hours it is hard to make running a priority but you MUST MAKE RUNNING A PRIORITY (silly girl). I got one run in then my parents saved the day and watched the girls on Sunday (and my mom lent me every stitch of running gear since I hadn’t brought any with me) so that i could get in a second run. I only got in 4 miles, but being able to say I only got in 4 miles feels good. I ran 4 miles last week. Hooray for me!

Goals for this week! Run on Tuesday (distance), Friday (distance) and Sunday (tempo) with some time to practice with the super fabulous double jogging stroller that should arrive this week.

Will update as the story unfolds.

(Update) Tuesday’s Run – 3.7 miles, with an estimated pace of 13 minutes/mile. This was a good run. Some days you feel like a ton of bricks but not this day. Until I hit the straight uphill second third of the run. And then I felt more like stopping. I told myself that I would still have to walk home so I might as well keep running. This was a run that made me feel proud when I was done and that’s an addictive feeling.

Our jogging stroller came, rather unexpectedly. It threw the whole house in to a tizzy. G was obsessed with helping her dad put it together to the point where I had to distract her with pudding. And then she cried pitifully when I tried to actually put her in it. Fortunately, she was happy to ride in it for a quick walk around the block this morning. M loves it and laughs when you put her in.

Will I be able to jog with it? We’ll see. 42 pounds of combined kid (plus the stroller itself) is heavy.

(Update) Thursday – 1.8 miles total (ran 1.5) with the jogging stroller. The girls seemed to like it. M chilled out and G must’ve been a million degrees because she insisted on having a blanket over her in the 85 degree heat.

Friday – 3.2 miles total. I ran around our block 4 times because I made the mistake (or not?) of looking at the sex offender registry for our area and now I know where all the rapists live. Near by as it turns out!

Sunday – 2.4 miles. This was my tempo run and I tried to run it at a 7 in terms of perceived effort. I think I hit a 6 or so. My average pace was a 12 minute mile, though, so I feel good!

Total miles – 11.1 (consider goal met!)

Pace – I think I average about 13 but I see I can hit a 12 if I try.



Okay, so I am going to play a little catch up because it has been so very long.

I have two babies now! G is almost two and a half (my professional training tells me that if a number is less than ten it should always be spelled out) and her little sister M is about to turn seven months.I don’t know how much I’m going to write/share about the girls. I love reading about the kids of others but I don’t know how I feel about sharing.

We’re down a cat but up a dog bringing our current total of furry evil to six. Don’t worry about kitty – she moved in with my parents because the Kitty Boys were picking on her. But she’ll probably be back soon.

See Kate run! I run now. Very slowly but it counts. In fact, I want to use this space to bore you to tears with run tracking .

But my primary reason to restart this old clunker is because there are some really cool blogs that I love to read and I hate that the relationship is one sided – I know all about their life in their words, but they know nothing of me beyond my comment.

Thrilling words! Let’s consider this post a bit of bookkeeping and not judge it.


I’m not going to do that thing, you know that thing where I apologize and say where I’ve been, mostly because no one is sitting there going where is Kate? and also because I think its just implied.

So how are you?


Did you know that women are less likely than men to contribute to Wikipedia?

Robots and humans can work together. It probably helps when the robots are cute.

Stop screwing around. You can’t recycle plastic bottle lids.

 EDITED: Okay, I’ll stop screwing around. You CAN recycle plastic bottle lids, but most common recycling programs don’t want them. Aveda is starting a bottle cap recycling program and some of us are lucky enough to live near a place that will take just about anything such as Indianapolis Recycled Fiber on West St.

Road Righteous

Chad has coined the term road righteous. It describes a style of driving that is full of indignation over others’ inability to use turn signals or merge respectfully on the highway. Road rage was too much – there’s no yelling in road righteousness. Just tssk-ing.

My Sweet Boy

August 18, 1997 - August 7, 2009

August 18, 1997 - August 8, 2009

The weather this weekend was perfect for gardening. Or rather, pulling weeds which I am now exceedingly good at. I understand that there are things you can do to a garden so that you’re not charging that windmill week after week after week but I rather like weeding (therapy for the mind and all). And we are currently harboring a little nest of baby mice right smack dab in the middle of the garden so I am not willing to do anything to endanger them. Nest and mice sound very plague-ish together. It is a cozy little den of mice. I know you’re not supposed to welcome the raiding hoardes so readily but they’re there and I neither want to touch them or hurt them so they get to stay there until they grow up and move out. It is a community garden though, so we are keeping are mousey goings on hush hush lest a fellow gardener decide that he or she is not so tolerant.
In other news…
At her 4 month appointment GMG was 17 lbs 8 ounces and 26.5 inches long. She is a big baby. We are faced with issues like Replacing the Car Seat way ahead of schedule. She is sitting now – actual unassisted sitting that isn’t in the tripod formation, yet she refuses to roll from her back to her belly. She scoots madly when you put her on her tummy and if you do so then leave the room she will not be where you put her when you come back. I know that millions of bazillions of babies that have come before have done all these things but it fills me with a feeling of Most Amazing Baby Ever. I’m also aware that most moms feel this way so I will make a little room on my pedestal and say that we can all have the most amazing babies ever. We don’t want to get lonely at the top, mind you.
I knocked out my first class post partum. It turned out to be easier than I thought but that might be because 1. it was an online class and 2. I had a really great professor who was all about learning and less about deadlines. A time or two did find me reading to GMG about the importance of an internal audit when preparing to conduct a capital fundraising campaign. She was rapt, I tell you.